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Shopping for the best solar company can be overwhelming. This is because most companies offering these services look the same.

Is it a company estimation or a quote?
It is good to make decisions with real numbers. When a company understands your needs accurately, the better it will be in a position to develop a quote, which addresses your energy usage and Solar panel 2optimizes bill savings. If your quote is an estimate and likely to change after signing the contract, be sure whether you will have to power to cancel or approve changes.

Are you offered system performance guarantee?
In case the solar system installed fails to deliver what you were promised, will you be refunded? Most solar installers will provide you with a production guarantee. If particulars differ, be sure to get a payment as a result of the difference in performance.

What are financing options are available?
Financing options are a good fit for particular households. These will depend on your income level, tax appetite, credit score, and other factors. A good company should offer options that make it easier for you to go solar. It is important to understand your options as they are key to financial well-being of your company.
Who designed the solar system?

Usually, most solar companies have solar systems designed by their salespeople. This practice results in systems that are oversized or do not meet local building codes. Know who designed your solar system and whether he or she has the technical expertise to know what is possible to build. During the installation process, experts need to check the progress to ensure your solar system fits on your roof.

Solar panel 1How will you determine the output?
Usually, the system’s rated output is different from the actual output. This is true with most electrical devices. The difference accounts for energy losses and inefficiency of the system. Verify whether the company has a clear methodology to determine the actual production you will get. Some of the issues that affect production include angle of the sun, roof pitch, and shading.

What system do you do recommend?
Some factors such as size and shading considered, the company can recommend either a system with optimizers or a single inverter system. Usually, a single inverter system is simple and durable. It gives households a better value for their money. On the hand, micro inverters are necessary if your house has shading issues.…

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