Ergonomic Chair 13

The ergonomic chair is one special chair. This chair is not just used by those executive managers in a company but additionally used by other employees that are required to sit for long hours in their office chair.

This chair will boost the health of a person using it and will make the person more productive. There are many different types of ergonomic chairs. They may look a bit different as we are not used to seeing them. However, they are more functional than your standard office chair.

The Yoga Ball, Exercersize Ball, Gaiam Ball Chairyoga ball chair 09

This chair is known by many names but is the same. It is in effect a yoga ball that sits on a frame. You are supposed to sit on the ball when you use this chair. We must all remember that sitting on a ball is not easy, and this is where the ball chair becomes effective in helping us have good posture and no back pain. You can read about it at

The Ball chair makes your body work with small movements to find its natural equilibrium. When your body does this, you are strengthening your core and back muscles and you are are prompted to maintain correct posture so that you do not fall off the ball.

Many will find it hard in the beginning to sit on a ball chair but after a few days you will notice that it is easy and also fun. Your back pains will disappear, and you will be more productive at your work.

The Kneeling Chair

kneeling chair 10A name that sounds rather uncomfortable. Who wants to kneel as it reminds you of being punished. But, in fact, the chair itself will do a lot of good for a person who sits at a computer slouched and suffering from neck and back pains. You can learn more about this chair at

The chair makes you sit in a forward slanted position and has a knee rest where your shins will rest. The basic idea of the chair is to take pressure off the spine and distribute it. When this is done you will notice, your back pains reducing. Also, the angled position promotes correct posture. The kneeling chair is great for those who do not have any previous spine-related medical issues.

Whatever chair you select, always, ensure it provides adequate support to your lumbar area and promotes good posture as without it, you will tire faster and feel stressed.…

Posted by Todd Simon On Jan - 7 - 2017 Comments Off on Ergonomic Chairs for Better Health READ FULL POST
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Ergonomic Chair 13

Ergonomic Chairs for

The ergonomic chair is one special chair. This chair is ...


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