During summer, everyone wants to spend most of his or her time outside. Unfortunately, in the same way, mosquitoes are out in full force.

Mosquito Control Options


Natural Sprays

These are herbal sprays that are derived from the oils, which repel mosquitoes and many other insects. They include cedarwoofrrw52642752u6d, peppermint, eucalyptus, and citronella. The sprays are ideal for young kids as they are less harmful as compared to other sprays. These types of repellants have a very strong smell and ought to be reapplied every now and again. The effectiveness ranges from 30 to 80%. Therefore, you may need to read several reviews about these products before selecting a natural spray.

Chemical Agents

These types of sprays are considered harsher than other sprays. In fact, they can leave residues, which are very difficult to wipe off. The repellents have a very strong smell, and the strength of the smell implies the effectiveness of the product. The DEET-based repellents are considered most effective. Moreover, they have been used for many years.

Botanical Lotions

These lotions have been found to be very effective in these applications. They can be rated up to 80% effective. They do have a strong smell but are less odorous as compared to the natural and chemical sprays.

Home misting systems

Mosquito misting systems are modern and effective methods of keeping the mosquitoes at bay. In this system, areas around your home are sprayed periodically and clear of air these insects. As much as they still require sprays or lotions, whenever you leave home, misting systems allow you to enjoy your yard as much as you can. Lotion and sprays work best for people that are travelling away from home. The good thing about this system is that you will not experience strong smells or greasy sprays.

The above methods are dependent on number of people you intend to protect, location, and duration you want to keep mosquitoes away. Every repellent offers a lot of benefits. Lotion and sprays work best for people that are traveling away from home. This is where home misting systems are appropriate. It is advisable to cover up your legs and arms every time. It is a great method of protecting yourself without the use of chemicals.

Todd Simon On December - 6 - 2015

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